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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our Great Seattle/Northwest Vacation Comes to an End

What a great vacation! Fueling up the car to return to the car rental in the morning before heading to the airport. It's fitting that Mt. Rainier can still be seen while vacation comes to an end. We put about 1300 miles on the rental 2017 Subaru Crosstrek this trip and no matter where we traveled it seemed as though we could catch a glimpse of that massive and beautiful mountain. Today, it seemed more visible than ever. We had great weather and were fortunate to see as much as we did. I thank God for keeping us safe and for the wonderful time with my family! We will see you all soon!

Granny's Cafe - Ice Cream!

Now we're talking. Stopped by Granny's Cafe for some ice cream on the way back to Port Angeles from Sol Duc. Straight on to Auburn, Wa to spend the night and fly out in the morning.

Sol Duc River - Rumbling River

That near freezing water is rumbling by. I'm glad I'm not in it ;)

Sol Duc River Cascades - Jen and Elli

We stopped by the cascades of Sol Duc River for lunch on our way out of the park.